Sunday, November 6, 2011


This Cross-stitch was made for my friend Heidi for being truly awesome! I was keen to stitch a few more 80's game characters so I decided on Tetris or Pac-Man. I was inspired by a Pac-Man image I found online so I gave it a go. The colours look fantastic on the black background...I just wish I could have found some black Aida Cloth to use rather than stitching it. Heidi had a frame that was the right size and matched the blue perfectly which was great! (Height - 9.5cm)

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  1. No Carmel, it is YOU that is truly awesome! I want to be able to time travel back to the eighties, just to enjoy a milkshake in an oversized metal cup, whilst I play space invaders on a tabletop arcade unit and afterwards head to the movies to watch "Goonies" or some cool flick like that.