Tuesday, January 17, 2012

FELT: Festive Decorations

I have an endless supply of beads, buttons, sequins, ribbons and trimming so I decided to make some tiny Felt Festive Decorations for my family and friends for Christmas. Now I know why people say the end of the year is the 'silly season'...some of us go a little bit mad around that time. I set out to make only a few decorations and I after I gave them all away I did a final count and I made 24! Time flies by when you are a busy bee! (Height - 10cm) 

BUTTONS: Vintage

I bought this little collection of Vintage Buttons from a secondhand store at the Sunshine Coast while on one of our 'Craftaway' adventures last year. I love the colours and textures! I also discovered some beautiful old fabric that was tucked away in a suitcase near the counter that I couldn't resist buying. I had a few projects in mind...TBC.