Monday, July 11, 2011

FELT: Cupcake, Muffin & 'Iced VoVo' Biscuit

These tiny Felt sweet treats were also made for Clementine so she could enjoy her own picnic at her birthday party in the park. We wrapped her picnic lunch in a small table cloth and gave it to her in a gift basket. It was fun decorating the Cupcake and Muffin, but I really enjoyed sewing the the coconut sprinkles on the 'Iced VoVo' Biscuit. Is there anything that can't be made from felt? (Height - 6cm)

FELT: Salad Sandwich

This medium sized Felt Salad Sandwich was made for Clementine for her 3rd birthday. It was a fun collaborative effort with my crafty friend Heidi...Thank You for your fantastic ideas and sewing most of this one. We thought we should make it a practical gift so we joined the slices of bread together and added a strap so she can use it as a handbag and put the salad pieces back inside. We hope it encourages her to eat salad! (Height - 20cm)