Friday, March 18, 2011

CROSS-STITCH: Super Mario Bros. Mushroom & Block

This Cross-stitch was also made for Kate and Terry's new baby Oliver as a matchig pair. The Nintendo and Sega game characters really lend themselves well to cross-stitch as they are made up of tiny coloured blocks. I'm sure I will make more of these individual designs in the future...TBC. A big Thank You to my good friend Heidi for giving me the inspiration to start this project and also helping me finish them. (Height - 12cm)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

CROSS-STITCH: Super Mario Bros. Cloud

This Cross-stitch was made for Kate and Terry's new baby Oliver. I hope he grows up to enjoy the 'Mario Bros' just as much as we all did in the 80's...even if he plays the game on an iNintendo! (Height - 12cm)


This Cross-stitch was made for my friend Kate's new baby Lola. I hope she grows up to love buttons just as much as her sister does. The lettering was sourced from a fantastic Leisure Arts book 'Alphabets Galore' which is great to refer to for any special occasion cross-stitch piece. I really like the bright happy colours and the pins! (Height - 12cm)

Friday, March 4, 2011

FELT: Christmas Trees - Green and Tan

These tiny Felt Christmas Tree decorations were made for 2 lovely ladies Florence and Katie. Florence kindly passed on a small bag of craft supplies to my work friend Katie to give me. I decided to make a few Christmas Tree decorations with the shiny bits and pieces. They are either 3 months late or 9 months early for the festive season! (Height - 12cm)

SOFTIES: Smirky - Green Terry Toweling

This medium sized Softie was made for Max for his 2nd birthday. He renamed him 'Biggles' the day after he received him. I hope he carries him around the house by his arms and legs! (Height - 40cm)