Tuesday, August 24, 2010

SOFTIES: Victor the Giraffe - Stripes

This medium sized Softie was made for my friend's nephew Dylan. (Height - 40 cm) (Photographer - Ben Redlich)

SEAMPUNK: Rubik's Cube

This is my first 'Seampunk' entry...to be continued. I was so excited to make this soft 'Rubik's Cube' for my brother Aiden's birthday! He loves the challenge of each and every one of these puzzles so I asked him if he would like it to be made finished or mixed up. He said "finished" so I started on it straight away...sewing blanket stitch around each square? I wanted to leave 1 different coloured square on each side just to annoy him but I resisted the urge. (Height - 9cm) ...stay tuned for 'Ludley'!

SOFTIES: Twinkle - Red

This medium sized Softie was made for my friend Tania for her birthday. (Height - 40cm) (Photographer - Tania)

SOFTIES: Twinkle - Purple

This tiny Softie was a smaller version of a 'Twinkle' I recently made for a friend. I like the different shapes in the wool...it gives her perfect knees and elbows. (Height - 27cm)

SOFTIES: Dorian the Dog - Pink

This tiny Softie was made for Sue-Ann for her birthday. (Height - 8cm)